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Sponsor a Child or Adult

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Age: 24

Tsholofelo was born with cerebral palsy and struggles to speak. Her mother has passed on and she does not know her father. Without WRAPD, she would have been living in a child headed household in a shack where not even her most basic needs would have been met.

At WRAPD, her wheelchair provides her with independence. She has even become a pro at wheelchair dancing. She loves music and has taught herself to type using WRAPD’s computers, expressing herself through poetry.

WRAPD provides Tsholofelo with help to bathe, eat and dress. Without the Association, she would lose her ability to move freely, work or express herself.




Age: 40

Magda has lived at WRAPD for over a decade. She views her fellow residents at the centre as the family she never had. Suffering from neurofromotose (elephantitis syndrome), she has had a growth removed from her head and face, a procedure during which one of her eyes had to be removed as well. She now has an artificial eye. Without the WRAPD centre she would have nowhere to live and nobody to support her.




Age: 6

Rethabo suffers from cerebral palsy and spastic joints. An orphan, he is cared for by a relative who is unemployed and cannot support him adequately. At WRAPD, his wheelchair gives him freedom to move and a sense of independence. There is always a warm smile on his face.




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